Dissected beet armyworm pupa
Beet armyworm pupa dissected to show developing nematodes of a Steinernema species.
Photo by A. Hara.
comparison of alive and dead beet armyworm
Bottom beet armyworm larva killed by a Steinernema species.
Photo by A. Hara.
Dissected larva as nematode host.
Larva used by nematodes for reproduction. Larva dissected to show developing nematodes.
Photos by A. Hara.

Welcome to Sierra Biological Inc.

Sierra Biological was founded to provide growers with an economical way to reduce their reliance on chemical pesticides which can have long-term negative effects on soil, water and non-target organisms including human health. Plants treated with pesticides may also cause phytotoxic effects reducing crop yield or affecting their appearance. Beneficial nematodes, also called entomopathogenic or insect-parastic nematodes, are sustainable alternatives to chemicals. These nematodes parasitize the larval or pupal stage of many of damaging insects found in the soil of greenhouses and gardens (see list of targeted insects). After they parasitize their "insect host," they multiply and many thousands emerge to seek out new prey.

Entomopathogenic nematodes are completely inert to plants, animals and many other beneficial biological control agents. When applied following labelled instructions, these beneficial nematodes are safe and have been specifically exempt from E.P.A. registration.

We produce 100% natural beneficial nematodes using Mother Nature's very own formula. While the in-vivo method may be more labor intensive than in-vitro production, we have found that we get much stronger, more effective nematodes this way by natural selection.

We also supply praying mantis and ladybugs.

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